About us

Our Mission

Osi-Nman foundation is an organization whose core mandate includes interactive forum for widows, geriatrics (aged), orphans and less privileged in our society to bring them together so they could find a common ground for friendship and support by upholding godly norms with right traditional practices. We carry out grass root sensitization on cancer (early detection, prevention and screening) and other diseases. The organization also provides youths technical empowerment, training for job creation, encourage lawful coexistence and the means of transmitting same to the future generation.

Our Vision

We look forward to creating a society where widows, geriatrics (aged), orphans and the less privileged around us enjoy freedom within disciplined environment. We shall strive to restore hope by upholding good technological training for the youth and developed social unity in God and trust for one another.

Aims and Objectives


To create a medium for aged widows to interact with one another, encourage friendship and share experiences common to them.

Godly love

To encourage Godly love among beneficiaries and foster peaceful coexistence among them.

Helping hands

To help the widows (aged) access help and assistance from volunteers (private individuals, corporate bodies and government).


To help restore hope to widows and orphans who have been subdued by certain cultural practices that are repugnant to natural justice and good conscience and advise them on legal ways to seek redress.


To support primary healthcare programmes towards the reduction and eradication of maternal and infant mortality rate by the provision of basic health care education and deserved access to healthcare.


To establish and run strategically placed welfare centers to promote/ facilitate the welfare of the bereaved, senior citizens, physically and mentally challenged persons.

Health education

To reduce maternal and infant mortality rate by providing basic health education and access to health facilities to the disadvantaged segments of developing communities.

Child development

To initiate child development projects to provide environments for proper development of children.

Female Child education

To promote and encourage the education of female child in rural and urban vicinities alike, through projects geared at highlighting its direct socioeconomic benefits to communities.

Information Technology

To enhance and increase youth access to internet and information technology.

Organizational support

To promote and support the agenda of all organizations that have similar aims, missions and objectives as OSI-NMAN FOUNDATION.

Let's make a Change

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.Join us by volunteering or making a donation today